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Windows 7 - OS - Pairing a bluetooth barcode scanner

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Windows 7 - OS - Pairing a bluetooth barcode scanner

Postby lmmtux » Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:30 pm

Pairing a bluetooth barcode scanner directly to a laptop or similar device can be difficult to get set up for reliable use. These instructions should work for any Motorola or Symbol barcode scanner and provide a reliable setup.

Setting up a Motorola or Symbol barcode scanner:

  1. Open the printed instructions that come with the scanner. You will need the barcodes on it to initialize the scanner.
  2. Follow the steps on the printed instructions. They should be similar to the following steps.
  3. Set up the cradle. Some models like the LS4278 offer several solutions, such as charging the scanner with USB power or a standalone power supply.
  4. You may need to charge the barcode scanner on the cradle for a short while before proceeding.
  5. If the barcode scanner is used, scan the "Set Defaults" barcode to return the scanner back to factory defaults.
  6. Set the mode of the barcode scanner. In this case, we are using bluetooth so scan the barcode for "Keyboard Wedge", in which the barcode scanner will emulate a keyboard. Note: Some models will support RS232 serial, USB, or bluetooth.
  7. Set radio communication type. In this case, we are using bluetooth and we want the scanner to communicate to the host PC, so scan the barcode for "HID Profile (Slave)". Note: Some models will also have the option for cradle, or serial. Cradle means the scanner would communicate to the cradle itself, but here we want the scanner to communicate directly to the host PC and not the cradle.

Setting up Windows 7 to pair the barcode scanner:

Some PC manufacturers ship bluetooth software to run on top of Windows. The Toshiba Bluetooth Stack for Windows, and the Broadcom Bluetooth Stack are a couple. While these are good and offer many features like synchronizing bluetooth devices, here we are only interested in getting the handheld barcode scanner to work. Uninstalling the 3rd party bluetooth software should then enable the Windows bluetooth software to work.

  1. Look in the manual that came with the scanner. This is usually a download as a PDF file titled "Product Reference Guide". Locate the Alphanumeric Keyboard and print the numbers pages (usually 2 pages or so).
  2. On the barcode scanner, scan the barcode for "HID Profile (Slave)".
  3. Log in as an administrator account to the host PC.
  4. Uninstall the 3rd party bluetooth software. Note: You may use it if you wish, but some issues could come up if you have multiple users using the host PC (they may not get the default settings if you set up the scanner with another user). The remaining steps are only for Windows bluetooth software.
  5. Open "Devices and Printers" from the Start Menu.
  6. Click "Add a device".
  7. A list of bluetooth devices should appear that Windows detects in the near area. Locate the barcode scanner, highlight it, and click "Next". If the scanner does not appear, try scanning the "HID Profile (Slave)" barcode on the scanner again.
    win7bluetooth.jpg (35.29 KiB) Viewed 24687 times
  8. A PIN will be generated and displayed. Use the Alphanumeric Keyboard pages you printed to scan in the digits of the PIN shown on the scanner. When done scanning the digits, scan the "End of Message" barcode.
  9. Windows should show that it has successfully added the barcode scanner.
  10. Click "Close" to close the wizard.
  11. Open Notepad or a similar program and make sure the scanner reads a sample barcode and places the data where the cursor is in the program.
  12. Open the Services Control Panel in Windows (Start / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services).
  13. Locate the "Bluetooth Support Service" and ensure that it is set to start Automatically:
    • Right-click the Service and to go Properties.
    • Under the General tab, make sure that "Startup type" is set to Automatic.
    • Click OK or Apply.
  14. Double check that the scanner connects to the host PC after you shut down or power off the host PC. It should connect while Windows is booting (when the "Bluetooth Support Service" starts up). Most barcode scanners will beep when they are connected or disconnected to the host PC. Note: There is a known bug with Windows 7 where some bluetooth devices do not connect automatically when the "Bluetooth Support Service" starts. Most commonly this bug is visible when no PIN is used to pair the devices. The steps provided here use a PIN and should get around this issue.
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