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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Postby lmmtux » Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:19 pm

What is this website for?

IT Notebook was designed to provide a single place to store personal notes related to any subject of IT (Information Technology). However, what makes IT Notebook different is that notes and articles written are shared to the world. Users can create a free account and bookmark their favorite articles for later reference on the go. There are no blogs or websites needed, simply register your account and organize your content. Once you have an account, you can also post your content for others to share.

Who can use this website?

Everybody and anybody. We do not restrict who can view and post content unlike other sites that require credentials in order to publish articles. Our goal is to promote the sharing of knowledge among all IT Professionals, not prevent it.

How can this website be free for authors and readers?

The concept is simple. We found the need for a central website for valuable IT information to be shared among all users. This not only provides a valuable resource for our own users, but provides this same information for everybody which we believe is an asset to us all. The website is maintained by ads that can be purchased which are displayed on the site pages. Donations can also be sent in which are put toward maintaining the website. We do not agree in charging customers directly like many other self-help websites do such as Experts Exchange, etc.

Is registration required to use the site?

Anybody can view the articles. But, in order to submit feedback about the articles or post articles, you must register. Registration is and always will be free. We must require registration to keep anonymous posters from submitting articles or feedback that contain spam.

Is content purged after a period of time or after a certain age?

No! We figure if you've taken the time to write a really good article, that it should be preserved for others, even if it's for a legacy system or software. In fact, we encourage articles written specifically for older hardware and software to provide a unique resource for this valuable information.

How do I get help with the IT Notebook website?

We have a built-in Help Desk system (under the Help and Information area), that you can submit a new ticket and we will help. Feel free to submit any sort of issue, whether it is relative to reading, editing or posting articles, advertising, etc.

Is help needed for moderators and editors?

Certainly. Please submit a new ticket in the Help Desk system and we will follow up with you to get more information. Please specify which area(s) of interest you may have for us to decide which areas you wish to help with.

Are suggestions possible for new categories or areas of interest?

Definitely! Please submit a new ticket in the Help Desk system with your suggestion, and we will follow up with you to get more information.

Can donations be sent to the IT Notebook?

Most certainly. The website is sponsored and hosted by Apex Internet Solutions, LLC, but the site costs money to maintain and keep updated. Any donations are welcomed and can be sent to Apex directly on the Submit Payment page. Please specify that the payment is a donation to the IT Notebook website. Apex can also provide a receipt if needed, please specify that in the notes of the payment or you can submit a Question Form to Apex after the fact.
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