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How to Read and Submit Feedback for Articles

How to Read and Submit Feedback for Articles

Postby lmmtux » Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:19 pm

The IT Notebook website has some powerful features which we believe will help you keep your IT notes organized. Anybody can read articles, and articles are indexed on the Internet by search engines, but by creating a free account you will get access to these additional features.

Bookmark articles posted by others and create a personal list

If you locate an article that you wish to reference often, Bookmark it. Simply click on the

Submit a 5-star rating for any article

You can rate articles and give them your own 5-star rating. This helps other readers identify quality and thorough articles better. 5-star ratings are displayed at the top of each article, as well as next to the article titles when viewing them in a list.

Submit a Reputation Score and Comment for any article author

Authors will acquire Reputation Points when readers issue positive feedback. This helps readers easily identify top authors.

Contact other authors in the system

You may contact other authors who have submitted articles to suggest a correction, or to exchange ideas. A couple methods are supported, a Private Message within the system or also by direct email.

Getting help

Our team is ready to assist with any issues that may come up with the site. Therefore, we have a built in Help Desk system so that you can submit a ticket to have your issue responded to.
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