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How to Submit Articles

How to Submit Articles

Postby lmmtux » Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:18 pm

If you have any IT related information that you find useful, post it. Chances are it will also be useful for others as well, and this is the entire goal of this website which is to share these IT notes among everybody. We do require review of all posted material by our team of moderators. All content will be approved to appear in the areas of the site, provided there are no serious issues. Some minor editing may also be done by our moderators.

Broaden your Literary Side

Posting articles will allow you to become a pretty good expert on the subject as well as review subjects that you may not delve in to often. Become a distinguished author and point your friends, family, co-workers, and employers to your articles. The system will list all of your articles and allow you to post your own personal page to explain more about yourself.

Submitting new Articles

We do have a few guidelines which should help for posting new articles. The goal is to keep articles on the site consistent, clear, accurate and useful for others.

First, be sure that the article you wish to write isn't already in the system.

Navigate to the category that you feel your article is best suited for. Click "New Topic", and write your article. Make sure it is clear and concise, and feel free to add screenshots and images as necessary. Be sure to use the BBCode to enhance your article, which supports displaying attached images inline within the image text (you can visit the BBCode Reference page here). BBCode are special tags added to the pages that will greatly enhance them for readers. For example, you can insert screenshots, code snips, comments, and other items. BBCode also ensures that all pages are uniform in appearance, and allows flexible options for documenting useful information.

You may stop and save a Draft of your article at any time, to resume it later. When you are done with your article, Submit it for review. Our team of editors will check the content and publish it if there are no issues. Sometimes, our editors may need to make minor adjustments to the article before publishing it.

Articles should contain any sort of useful IT information. For example, how to format a drive, or how to clean your browser cookies. Anything that you feel is useful for yourself, is probably useful for others as well, and is the whole idea behind this website.

If you find that your article does not fit in any category, submit a ticket to us in the IT Notebook Help Desk (see below).

Correcting or editing existing articles

If you find that an article is missing information or is incorrect, you can try to contact the author directly within the IT Notebook system either with a Private Message or by emailing the author directly with the address provided for their profile. Note: you must be registered to send internal messages to other authors. If the author does not reply, you can submit a ticket to us in the IT Notebook Help Desk to one of our moderators and we can help.

Getting help

Our team is ready to assist with any issues that may come up with the site. Therefore, we have a built in Help Desk system so that you can submit a ticket to have your issue responded to.
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