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CentOS 5.x - Dell OpenManage 5.5 - Installation

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CentOS 5.x - Dell OpenManage 5.5 - Installation

Postby lmmtux » Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:59 pm

Dell's OpenManage software offers good system tools for Dell hardware. But, for legacy Dell hardware, getting OpenManage to work can be challenging since each version of OpenManage is tailored for the systems around its time, and is also written to run on the versions of Linux available at the same time also. Here, I document instructions on getting OpenManage 5.5 installed on CentOS 5.x, for PowerEdge 2400 servers. Even though OpenManage 5.5 is much newer than the version of OpenManage that was released around the time of the PowerEdge 2400, it still contains support for the PowerEdge 2400 (it is just undocumented). CentOS 5.x runs well on the 2400 servers and having OpenManage working on top of this is a bonus.


Note: for all commands listed, run them in a root shell.

  1. Install SNMP, which OpenManage uses heavily to gather statistics. This command can be used:
    Code: Select all
    yum install net-snmp net-snmp-utils


  1. Download and extract OMSA (OpenManage) from http://support.dell.com. The filename is: OM_5.5.0_ManNode_A00.tar.gz
  2. Copy the following RPM packages from the folder located in the extracted files, "linux/RPMS/RHEL5", to a temporary folder:
    • srvadmin-cm-5.5.0-364.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-deng-5.5.0-364.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-hapi-5.5.0-364.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-ipmi-5.5.0-364.rhel5.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-isvc-5.5.0-364.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-iws-5.5.0-364.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-jre-5.5.0-364.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-omacore-5.5.0-364.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-omauth-5.5.0-364.rhel5.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-omhip-5.5.0-364.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-omilcore-5.5.0-364.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-storage-5.5.0-364.i386.rpm
    • srvadmin-syscheck-5.5.0-364.i386.rpm
    Note: I selected these RPMs to provide just the OMSA monitoring utilities, web interface, including the storage components. If you do not install "srvadmin-storage", you will not see the disks, arrays, SCSI controllers, etc.
  3. Set this environment variable to disable system checks by running this command:
    Code: Select all
  4. In the temporary folder with the RPMs, install them with this command:
    Code: Select all
    rpm -Uvh *.rpm
  5. After the RPMs install, restart the SNMP service with this command:
    Code: Select all
    service snmpd restart
  6. Start the OMSA services with this command:
    Code: Select all
    srvadmin-services.sh start
  7. Set the following services to automatically start, with the "ntsysv" utility:
    • dsm_om_connsvc
    • dsm_om_shrsvc


Connect to the OMSA page: https://yourserver:1311, and log in with your root account. On the PowerEdge 2400, it can tape up to 10-20 seconds for the web interface to come up the first time, but should work.
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