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Fedora 15+ - Docking any application to the Gnome tray

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Fedora 15+ - Docking any application to the Gnome tray

Postby lmmtux » Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:36 pm

In Fedora 15 and higher, the alltray program which used to work now does not. This is because alltray does not work with Gnome 3, the version of Gnome included with Fedora 15 and higher. Instead, we can use the "kdocker" application. While "kdocker" is not quite as seamless as "alltray" was, it does work in Gnome 3 which is a plus.

To install and use kdocker:

First, install kdocker by running this command in a root shell:

Code: Select all
yum install kdocker

You can follow these steps to have any application open when you log in to Gnome:

  1. Open a command prompt as your user account and not as root.
  2. Run the command "gnome-session-properties". This is the same dialog box as the old Session Properties of Gnome 2.
  3. Click on the Add button.
  4. Use the following values (where "(your application)" is the name of the executable you wish to run):
    • Name: (your application)
    • Command: kdocker -d 30 -y -l (your application)
    • Click Save and Close.
  5. The next time you log in to Gnome, your application will start and will be docked to the tray.


  1. One issue with kdocker and setting it up to start when you log in to Gnome, is that the application will appear for a brief minute before kdocker sees it and docks it. Alltray did not do this. Unfortunately, this is the nature of kdocker.
  2. Some applications that have a window name that is different than the executable name, requires an extra kdocker parameter (the -n parameter). For example, Sunbird's window name is "Calendar". So, in order to dock Sunbird when you log in to Gnome, use these settings for the "gnome-session-properties" entry:

    • Name: Sunbird
    • Command: kdocker -d 30 -n "calendar" -y -l sunbird
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