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Apple II - Aztec - Game instructions

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Apple II - Aztec - Game instructions

Postby lmmtux » Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:35 pm

Aztec is an adventure game for the Apple II series. The goal is to peruse through levels of an ancient tomb, locate the jade idol sword and return to surface with it. This article contains information about the game to enhance gameplay.

Aztec title screen
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Aztec gameplay
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Aztec is a platform adventure game in which the player enters and explores the recently discovered "Tomb of Quetzalcoatl" in search of a jade idol.

The tomb's many levels are filled with traps, dangerous animals, Aztec guards and other hazards. Equipped with a machete, a pistol and sticks of dynamite, the player must recover the jade idol and escape the tomb. The player encounters snakes on occasion as well as a giant octopus if he keeps going to lower levels.

Before beginning play, the game prompts the player to select a difficulty level from one to eight. Increasing the game's difficulty boosts the number and aggressiveness of the enemies the player will face, but also increases the reward they'll gain from retrieving the idol.

Each level in the tomb is shown from the side, with steps often connecting the levels and piles of bones and debris scattered along the floor. Searching these piles, or occasional boxes or chests, may discover and yield useful items such as a pistol or ammunition, a machete, dynamite, health potions, remains of the Prof. Von Forster, or the idol. Once the idol has been found, the player must make it back up all the way, and escape outside. If the player dies, the game allows them to resume from the last level they were in. It also allows them to resume a game from a previous session. Every new game features a different set of random-created levels.

The dynamite sticks may either be used as a weapon or to blow up walls and floors (it's also possible to inadvertently break part of a staircase which is critical to climb back out). Interesting artefacts of the game design allow the player to place and lit a dynamite stick in a room and then switch to another room, for it to be located around the same location, to one's advantage or demise.

Premise information provided courtesy of Wikipedia.


Regular mode:

W - walk
R - run
J - jump
S - stop
C - climb (stairs)
A - turn left
D - turn right
G - crawl
P - place dynamite (blow up) - requires crawling
F - switch to fight mode

Fight mode:

S - spin around
A - move left
D - move right
G - draw gun
M - strike
L - lunge
Space bar - shoot gun
W, R, or J - switch to regular mode

Working with Items:

S - stop
O - open chest or dig in junk pile
L - look in chest or at junk pile
T - take item
Z - show inventory

Additional keys:

ESC - help screen
S - save game
R - return to play
Q - quit


  1. If trapped in a room, use dynamite to blow a hole in the floor or wall. Note: You must be crawling to place dynamite (P).
  2. Sometimes in Fight Mode, moving in to a wall will drop you through the floor and down to the next level below.
  3. A machete is needed to get spiders and things that are low to the ground. A gun will get larger monsters (and sometimes requires multiple shots).
  4. Be sure to dig through piles as well as open chests to find weapons, ammunition, and even the idol.
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