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Any vendor - Any model - Upgrading firmware on Emulex host bus adapters (HBAs)

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Any vendor - Any model - Upgrading firmware on Emulex host bus adapters (HBAs)

Postby lmmtux » Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:40 am

Utilities for upgrading firmware on Emulex Fibrechannel HBAs (host bus adapters) are written for DOS, at least for the LightPulse series (LPe1150, LPe11000, etc.). This article demonstrates how to create a DOS USB stick and upgrade the firmware using the Emulex utilities.

Creating the DOS USB stick

I highly recommend using Rufus for this, it's very quick and easy. You can download Rufus on its website. Note: You will need a spare Windows computer or virtual machine to run Rufus.

  1. Download Rufus, and run it (there is no installation needed). Select your options and click the "Start" button to initialize your USB drive and make it bootable.
    rufus_en.jpg (55.23 KiB) Viewed 4816 times
  2. Download the firmware files from the Emulex website for your specific HBA.
  3. Extract the firmware files. Usually it will include a readme file, as well as a firmware file, similar to below:
    firmwarefiles.jpg (14.36 KiB) Viewed 4816 times
  4. Copy the binary file (not the readme file) to the USB stick.
  5. Download the Emulex Offline Utility for DOS (doslpcfg). Currently, this can be downloaded here on the Emulex website.
  6. Extract the "doslpcfg.exe" file and copy it to the USB stick.

Performing the firmware upgrade

  1. If upgrading a live host, I would recommend unplugging the fibrechannel cables from the back of the HBA before proceeding.
  2. Boot the server to the USB stick created above. It should boot up to a DOS prompt.
  3. Run the "doslpcfg" command to perform the firmware upgrade, similar to below and specifying the name of the firmware file you downloaded above for the "i=" parameter. In this example, the firmware file is "zf282a4.all" for an LPe11000 adapter.
    Code: Select all
    doslpcfg download n=1 i=zf282a4.all
  4. If you are using a dual HBA adapter such as the LPe11000, you will also need to run the update on the second controller on the board (if desired). To do this, run the same command as above but use "n=2" to specify the second controller:
    Code: Select all
    doslpcfg download n=2 i=zf282a4.all
  5. Optional: If you would also like the HBA's BIOS boot screen to appear when you boot up your server, run this command to enable it:
    Code: Select all
    doslpcfg enableboot n=1 i=1
  6. Again, if you are using a dual HBA adapter you will need to run this command for the second controller as well (each has its own setting):
    Code: Select all
    doslpcfg enableboot n=2 i=1
  7. Tip: You can run the command "doslpcfg /?" to get a list of options for the program.
  8. Upgrade is complete.
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